Samsung Galaxy A71, Samsung’s mid-range phone

Hi there this is Rohit in this article we talk about the new Samsung Galaxy A71 and guys this is priced in India at about Rs 29,999, almost thirty thousand so yes definitely you are sort of paying that premium for Samsung what do you say branding.

I would say this comes with the Snapdragon 730 SOC and I believe it comes with 8GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage so now let’s this out so we’ll get the selector the tool here and we have some Quick Start Guide manuals with it and all the slings warranty card, and we also get we this case in the box.

Samsung Galaxy A71

So here we have the device itself, it has and quads rear camera setup and this is actually having the main camera is the new 64-megapixel and at the back plastic body that is a combination of plastic and glass, anyways let’s see the side we’ll get a USB Type-C cable over here we also, get a handset but this looks like is it in here yes in your type headset a typical Samsung ones that we have seen earlier also.

Samsung Galaxy A71, Samsung's mid-range phone
Image Source: Samsung

We have plus or minus for volume and button to take our end calls and integrated microphone and looks like this is the new fast charger that we are getting and guys this is the 25-Watt fast charger that we are getting and again this is also USB type-c so nice to see that.

There at least bundling that 25-Watt fast charger and this comes with 4,500 milliamp-hour battery so this smartphone has a 6.7-inch FHD+ Super AMOLED Infinity O display and the weight is not that much I would say and top we have the secondary noise cancellation microphone and on this end, we have the volume rockers power on/off button.

Down-side we will get the main speaker microphone, Type-C and 3.5mm headphone jack a here we see the configuration so this is the sim tray and it’s nice to see that they are provided in a dedicated slot for the microSD card because I believe it comes with an 8GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage.

And we have that punch hole camera and this Samsung Galaxy A71 is part by the Snapdragon 730 SOC it has a 6.7-inch Full HD Plus Super AMOLED screen in the 20:9 aspect ratio it has 8 gigabytes of RAM 128 gigabytes of internal storage it also has full Samsung pay plus NFC support.

Moving to the camera it’s a quad-camera set up the main camera is a 64 megapixel then we have a 12 megapixel that’s ultra-wide, 5 megapixel is for depth again we have a 5 megapixel that’s for macro we into the front-facing camera it’s a 32 megapixel.

And it comes at 4,500 milliamp power battery with that fast charger so guys as you can see I have set this up and again this also comes with the new UI that we are seeing the Samsung new UI and I believe it also works on Android 10 as you can see not a lot of junk where that is installed.

There is some of the preloaded junk where that is there but not a lot I would say and if we go over here we have the quick toggles and all the stuff as I have totally we have NFC, and always-on display because it’s an AMOLED screen.

And gsmarena Samsung Galaxy A71 also have Dolby Atmos as you can see so again it has all the features and I believe this one has the full Samsung pay features so that’s nice and let’s go under the hood and it’s just setting up the stuff over here and if we go to about the phone’s software information as I’ve told you One UI version 2 that’s the new one.

And it comes out of the box with Android 10 so that’s actually nice and let’s see the storage that you get on this one but anyways let’s look at the storage roughly you’ll get about 105.5 gigabytes of space that is available but again it also has that dedicated microSD card slot so storage should not be an issue in Samsung Galaxy A71.

And not clean if you have used any Samsung device this is the typical user interface that you will again and again guys as it’s running on this Snapdragon 730 SOC the general performance would be good because with other smartphones that I have tested with Snapdragon 730 it’s actually a really good processor even in gaming it should perform pretty well like even Call of Duty and PUBG.

Samsung Galaxy A71

But I gave yet certainly Samsung is charging a little bit of premium for this one but that’s what we have the so the display looks to be good again Samsung is good with this AMOLED display.

So that’s what you’re getting and I believe this also has that Wide1 L1 certification that means you will get the proper FHD resolutions in Netflix and other apps and again as you look at the back this also has that quad-camera setup and like most of the smartphones this also looks to be a camera-centric smartphone.

So let’s have a closer look at the camera now but before that let’s also look at the fingerprint scanner let’s just invoke it I believe it’s in-display fingerprint scanner yes as you can see I haven’t enabled A71 always on display let me enable always-on also by the way always on its checkmark but you have to go here.

And tap here and show a schedule you have to set it and then it actually enables like always-on display for example now it works and here is your in misper fingerprint scanner and as you can see it works that’s a typical in-display fingerprint scanner that we’re seeing and that works on Samsung Galaxy A71.

Now let’s fire up the camera on this one and this is the same camera interface that we are seeing in earlier Samsung phones, not a change the wide-angle is actually pretty wide from the regular one if you notice quite a bit of difference we also have the scene optimizer over here.

We have the live focus works better with human subject but here also as you can see we can see that background blurring you can adjust how much you want this is for the exposure as you can see and depth you can set as you can see here so that’s nice photo mode and the regular all those modes are there more if you go we also have the night mode macro is also the is that 5-megapixel it has macro.

So let me bring this course yes as you can see I can really go close and get some macro shots up I’m sure you sometimes as a later on and here is that front-facing camera and this is supposed to be 32-megapixel and by default, that beauty mode will be on so disable it as you can see it was on so again they say below.

And we also Samsung Galaxy A71 fonearena have that slightly wider option and I think here also we have the live focus and all those things so let me do one thing let me actually show you some of the samples taken with this one these are shot with the front-facing camera and I feel it produces some very good result this is the normal shot.

And here I zoomed in 200% and then also see the details when we are talking about the color reproduction was also very good as you can see and it looks natural it stripes to boost up the colors a little bit but again overall as you can see the pictures come out very clean and these are actually close of macro sure this was the regular shot.

And this was that close-up macro shot now moving to completely artificial lighting conditions here also I felt that Samsung has done a very good job with these new 64 megapixel sensors as you can see with these sample shots not only the human subjects again.

Samsung Galaxy A71

These are taking an artificial lighting conditions and this was right-angle lens and you have the lighting was mixed yellow and white lighting and I feel the white balance was a little bit off as you can see in these sample shots but when I moved to completely right that is not a regular tube light the results were good.

Now moving to the front-facing camera again as you can see the front-facing camera performances also our predict Curt and that 32-megapixel front-facing camera is doing a good job.

So, guys, that’s it for now about  Samsung Galaxy is A71 I would say it looks a decent device but you guys let me know what do you think about the Samsung Galaxy is A71gsmarena and it’s priced at almost 30,000 so what do you guys think about the same.

Anyways, guys, that’s it, for now, thanks for reading this is Rohit and I hope to see you at my next
the article again guys if you aren’t shared, please share with friends and family.

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Samsung Galaxy A71 Key Specs

Display: 6.7-inch
Resolution: 1080×2400 pixels
Front Camera: 32 Megapixel
Rear Camera: 64+12+5+5 Megapixel
Processor: Snapdragon 730
Ram: 8GB
Storage: 128GB
Battery capacity: 4,500mAh
OS: OneUI 2.0, Android 10

anyways guys take care catch you later

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