Poco X2 Review with Pro’s & Con’s

Hi, guys, this is Rohit is here and in this article will let you know the review of this Poco X2 Review and I have been actually using this smartphone for the last seven days with my primary.

I’ll share my experience what I like about this and what is the things that I do not like and as I’ll talk about that and I’ll talk what I feel about this Poco X2 because it was launched at about 16,000 and I would say the camera is a big plus point on this one.

Poco X2 Review with Pro's & Con's

But before we jump into the review let’s talk about the specs this Poco x2 is having a 6.67-inch IPS LCD screen it’s 120 Hertz screen it’s part by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G SoC, it comes in 6 and 8 gigabytes of RAM.

Poco X2 Review

It actually has a quad-camera setup with the 64-megapixel main sensor a 20-megapixel front-facing camera and as you can see other specs are on the screen for your reference.

So guys let’s talk about the Poco X2 Pros first then we will talk about the cons and the first thing that I liked about this one is that if you recall the Poco F1 there I never liked the build quality but here as you can see the build quality is really good.

On this one the back is also glass it’s actually, Gorilla Glass and it feels very nice in the hand it feels substantial it doesn’t feel like cheap or something so definitely in terms of build quality they have done actually a very good job no issues it’s slightly on the heavier side and I’ll talk about that later but build quality definitely feels actually premium.

Now if we talk about the fingerprint scanner it’s here with in the power on/off button and I would say it works very well but again it will take you a day or two to care to use to it but as you can see it works very well without any issues Poco X2 Review Pros & Cons.

Now let’s also talk about the big elephant in the room that’s the type of screen that is used on this one that’s a 6.67-inch IPS LCD screen and it’s 120 Hertz clean that what they have used I’ll talk about the screen later on that.

But thing is that everybody is now hyping that 120 Hertz so what is this within the UI a normal love what you say LCD screen or an AMOLED screen junkies sixty years it can refresh about sixty times this has an option of refreshing up to 120 I think so I just set it to 60 but as you can see you can set it to 120 I just played around with self so what happens is within the UI.

You’re the UI elements are refreshing at about 120 frames per second but again do note that every app also needs to support this, for example, it was fine in the web browser and stuff it is fine as you can see the schooling is very smooth the camera might not be able to capture it.

But I mean I notice that on Twitter it was a little bit choppy so again the apps also need to support it and I would say this 90 or 120 Hertz make a big difference especially for gamers Poco X2 Review Pros & Cons.

If your games also support the actor refresh so I am some neutral about it in day to day usage I would say I don’t notice that much of what do you say the difference in this one but yeah you have that option of setting it to 60 or 120 Hertz but it’s an IPS LCD screen and the screen quality is good.

There’s a lot of talk about the display on this one this has neat a one-point be hurt but again guys it’s only in the UI and stuff where you’ll see and some of the optimized app for example in Twitter also, I don’t see it I see that jerk but in what you say browsers it is very smooth because it does support that so in you, I guess it can go up to 120 Hertz.

And stuff but the thing is that this is an IPS grade screen the quality of the screen is good as so I’m just going to move here is the direct sunlight and as you can see we can see it a camera is having difficulty capturing it Poco X2 Review Pros & Cons.

But I can see the screen easily even in direct sunlight now I have this Realme X and this has an ambulatory in both are on auto and yes as you can see both are sort of visible but slight brightness as I would give to the Poco but if you just move to slightly normal shadowed areas both are sort of visible so yes it doesn’t have an AMOLED screen.

But the quality of panel that they have put let’s got the color reproduction is Kurd and yes we do have that to 120 Hertz screen stuff I would say it’s just for hardcore gamers but the reality is that even the most popular games are still at 60 Hertz so again I’m sort of neutral about that 60 or 120 Hertz but the IPS panel.

What they have given on this one there’s a good one now let’s talk about the performance under the hood this is having the Snapdragon 730G chipset and some of you were annoyed that Poco didn’t go with the flagship like the poke, we have fun guys no note that this is the not the f-series and the 730G handles everything fine.

It’s still a very good processor it has everything you throw on it as I’ve told you the UI I did not notice any lags or anything when I was using this device and it has everything and the good thing is that even the base variant actually comes with 6 GB of RAM and also in terms of RAM management it is doing actually a good job Poco X2 Review Pros & Cons.

So you don’t have to worry but again has its MIUI guys you know me you are sort of aggressive in terms of RAM management so what I’ve noticed is that if you don’t use a particular app for a couple of hours it will try to like kill it.

So that is something you have to note and you can go to the settings and enable it not to do it, for example, I enabled it for Truecaller but general I would say the operations the RAM management was fine I did not have a problem and because of the 730G, it handles everything you throw on it fine.

Poco X2 Review

I’ll talk about gaming also I played Call of Duty quite a bit and even PUBG so in that area is also discard and generally, why you don’t have an issue it’s typical me either that you’re getting and I like the fact that this one has the IR blaster so you can control televisions and AC’s with this one.

Now if we talk about the battery on this one it has a 4,500 milliamp-hour battery and it also comes with the 27 Watt fast charger supplied and the charge is fairly quick with that.

I did not thank him it guys to be exact so I give you the figures but it charges pretty quickly and I also tried charging it with a regular 18 Watt Qualcomm charger and it did charge it quickly I would say but not as quickly as 27 Watt but again it does support that.

Qualcomm eating what quick charging also I tested that so that way it’s nice but if you talk about the battery life, I’m going to show you some stats here as you can see the battery life is actually really really good this one easily I can give you about two, two and a half days worth of battery life and the standby time was really good.

The idle drain that I was having was very very low on this one so in terms of battery life I would say even if you’re sort of a medium to heavy use it should give you about one to one and a half days easily and if you’re sort of a casual user using it with a single sim.

I would say I can go above two and a half days as you go and see one day I got about three days of the charge it was Sunday was there’s not a heavy date middle but as you can see the battery life that you can get is very good now talking about the cellular network reception Poco X2 Review Pros & Cons.

And the earpiece that was also very good of this one I did not have a problem in terms of Year peace because if you recall some of the earlier Redmi phones I had issues with an earpiece but here the earpiece is very clear and even the microphone was good other parties never complain me that the call quality was bad or something and right now.

I’m on a ten and if you notice this the close link underneath this Wi-Fi you have a call light and that means voice over Wi-Fi is enabled so via Wi-Fi that is a new thing is enabled on this handset and that’s why even a setting in this row where the signal is very low I can take calls and I thought that works brilliantly so in terms of network reception.

I did not have a problem with this device I also did some gaming and here is the footage now if we talk about gaming as you can see I’m playing Call of Duty with this one and I played this the game quite a bit Pubg in this game is also not that 90 or 120 FPS regular.

what do you say 60 FPS but as you can see it handles it then I played PUBG and was fine but the thing is I got killed the thing is that if you notice the speaker is over here so while I was playing this game you try to hold it tightly like this and as you can see how you can’t hardly hear me you completely block it.

So I have to be cautious that have to keep my hand a little bit of a and so that is the con that I have the placement of the speaker while you’re gaming if you’re not careful you can completely block it as you can see you can attend to block it so that’s the only thing but in general gaming the Snapdragon730G SOC is fine.

So you don’t have to worry about it’s just that the speaker as you can see you hold it like this completely actually, block it but gaming performance was good and it also claims to have liquid cooling over here at the back and after about two games it does tend to get a little bit warm but that’s how it’s designed it’s designed to dissipate the heat so in gaming Poco X2 Review Pros & Cons.

I would say good experience you will have but speaker placement that is something you have to note now let’s also talk about the camera which I feel is the trump card for this device and if you notice at the back, we are actually having a port camera setup and the main camera is actually a 64-megapixel sensor from Sony, this is the new IMX686 and I was very doubtful because of this is the first time they say the sensor is being used in India but the image processing what Xiaomi has done on this one is very good.

And I’ll show you a lot of sample shots the results that I got were very good then you have 8 megapixels the wide-angle lens I wish it was 12 but yeah that’s what we are getting and next, we have a 2 megapixel for depth and 2 megapixels for macro.

I’ll show you also show you some macro shots but with this smartphone so these were some is regular this is the 2x zoom and this was at wide-angle these are taking completely artificial low lighting conditions and this was at the night mode and I feel a lot efficient low lighting conditions as it does actually very good.

This is regular short and here Poco X2 camera sample I used the 2x zoom and here I used to fight angle again to give you an area regular short this was that wide-angle lens and onion this is a regular shot here I use the 2x zoom and finally, here I use the wide-angle lens this is regular and this is that macro option that.

I used one more example of this is regular and here see there needed with the macro, I mean regular shot and this was with the macro again regular and again this is that close-up macro knowing the human subjects also as it did a very good job the skin tones are produced then but when you use the portrait mode as this was blown out.

So you have to be careful in regular shots it’s okay but with the portrait mode as you have to be careful if there’s a bright light behind this was with the wide-angle lens and these were taken with the front-facing camera and as you can see the front-facing camera performance was also very good I would say.

Even when you use the portrait Boquete mode it is actually doing a pretty good job shooting this video at the Poco X2 in the regular mode and as it looks like stabilization is on by default and we will just switch to the wide-angle mode and see now shooting the video and as isn’t the right angle more so you can shoot videos and wide-angle mode with this one okay those are the good things about this device.

Now let’s talk about the Poco X2 cons and the first thing that I do not like is this pill-shaped not why do they have this I think so this was simply unnecessary they could have gone with a the single camera that 20 megapixels would have made sense because but the software you can get that depth effect and even the Xiaomi is own Readme line-up of phones just having a single front-facing camera do that.

So I feel this was unnecessary move it could have been avoided next, if we talk is I don’t like the fact that you don’t have a dedicated microSD card slot on this one so if you go with the based storage variant that comes with just 64GB of storage, it is a limiting thing because I know many people here in India actually use both the SIM so that’s a miss missing feature Poco X2 Review Pros & Cons.

I would say hence I would not suggest the base variant that’s for 16,000 I would suggest the higher-end variant that’s for 17,000 if I recall that comes with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage now another thing that.

I do not like about these devices again it’s a big device it’s a 6.67-inch screen and many of you were asking yes it’s definitely a big device also and now even after about a week or so though the weight balance is fine it does still feel a little bit on the heavier side.

Poco X2 Review

But recall it weighs about 208 grams that is also something you have to get used to it and back also they gave glass so that doesn’t help last adds to the weight so definitely slightly on the heavier side and yes many of you have asked me it’s 200 device because as you can see we simply can’t reach to the top like this and while typing also you have to use two hands so it is definitely a two-handed device that you are getting another thing is that though this does not have an AMOLED screen they have omitted a physical LED notification light on this one so that is also something that, Motorola One Macro led notification light has better.

I do not like on the smartphone and lastly, I would say again it’s me why I haven’t seen any ads but you do have some unnecessary notification for example just before shooting the video we got this the notification you can disable it yes like this but you will get some uncertain notifications there was one more that was coming quite a bit.

Like me video or something recommending me and Surrey videos I disable it so some apps will recommend but what do you say you’ll get notifications like this but you can disable it but you do get that from time to so what about being about this point out the coverage – with me as I’m shooting this confusion power to the Pokedex – is to give me an idea how the food performs and how is the audio pick up and stop so what areas you saw the pros and cons yes it’s not a device like any smartphone.

I could like that will ship notch I don’t know why they did that they would have gone to the single-camera I would say and yes AMOLED screen instead of that LCD screen with that 120 Hertz display I won’t debate if it is useful or not I would say having 20 knots yes when the UI slightly you will notice it but dick today.

What you say you say you won’t notice it and also in games yes where it is sort of use the games need to support an and just popular games like PUBG you can call a beauty are still stuck at 60 Hertz so I won’t the debate about the decision between a Madrid or likely has inspector online you talk you let me know but I guess quality is key to the screen quality.

What the important terms of colors outdoor visibility there’s actually a constant now what about the smartphone is the first thing is the good qualities will not better than the Poco F1 there it was flimsy here that’s not the capable qualities but it looks stylish also I would say at least in this blue color, it looks nice and what.

I really liked about this the smartphone is the camera is amazing on this one the 64-megapixel camera what they have Xiaomi did an amazing job of image processing on it because of the results that we got as you saw earlier work very very good with this one so the camera is the trump card for me and also the battery life was very very good easily about one and a half to 2 days Poco X2 Review Pros & Cons.

Most of you should find a sort of very casual user almost for two and a half days so for me the overall package is really good if you are ok but meanwhile underneath it runs with me white as of now I haven’t seen any ads there in the last 7 days so as of now let’s add 3 but I don’t know in the future what Xiaomi would do but generally with the Poco, they don’t put ads.

I hope it stays that way so I would say if you are ok with me you and you looking for 42,000 rupees this is one heck of a smartphone considering the camera performance on this one the camera performance is amazing I would say much better than even some of the smart ones that cost above Rs 20,000.

So that’s the big thing and all – the battery life that’s good so if you are giving me you can certainly have a look at this one but I would suggest not to go with the base weekend because that which is 64 GB of internal storage go back the next the variant that comes with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. that would be the onion thing anyways.

That is that’s it for my review of the Poco X2 what do you feel about this Poco X2 do let me know in the comment section below and share this post.

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