Huawei P40 Pro Review | Best Camera Smartphone???


Well guys, today we gonna have Huawei P40 Pro Review, and have look in detail about this device, so let’s start this. last year while way Huawei launched to the world with its P30 Pro it implemented an at the time revolutionary optical zoom technique this since inspired a handful of competitors to the same.

So what’s the company done to innovate and improve on the otherwise brilliant Huawei P30 Pro that and more coming up in Android authorities review of the Huawei P40 Pro product it’s obvious where the roots of the P40 Pro line it, and its predecessor is visually related and if anything it shows just how well the older devices aged.

Huawei P40 Pro Review | Best Camera Smartphone???
Image Source: Huawei

There have been some refinements however and this is mainly evident on the front of the device the 6.58-inch FHD+ OLED  (2340×1080)  90Hertz display now sports curved glass on all four edges leading to a design that looks slightly off to my eyes.

At least but that inadvertently enables some seriously smooth navigation gestures so I’ve been up for a home in from the side for back and down from the top for the notification shade has never felt so smooth, and I’m into the ergonomics even if they take away from the looks a little bit another reason for the brilliant ergonomics are these subtly angled flat side rails and the well-balanced weight distribution in Huawei P40 Pro.

They add up to make a phone that sits well in your hand and make a phone that’s otherwise got a very large screen not feel unwieldy or huge I didn’t click the tactile buttons IP68 water and dust resistance an IR blaster and a 30% faster optical in-display fingerprint reader and you’ve got a recipe for success.

When it comes to hardware jumping back to the display briefly it’s another area where Huawei is taking the Huawei P30 Pro and improved it’s gone from a 60 to a 90 Hertz refresh rate creating a smoother user experience and the resolution has been bumped up slightly to add a clarity sure it’s not Quad HD Plus.

But it is a hop up from the 60 Hertz full HD plus panel that we saw in last year’s phone it’s more sunshine and rainbows though a by-product of those curved edges is this annoying shadowing on the left and right side of the screen which is only exemplified by viewing flat colors face on and whilst 98 is an improvement. Huawei P40 Pro Review


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It’s not that 120 Hertz clarity that we see from some of the people to post competitors where while we typically Wales is in its camera system and the Huawei P40 Pro refines what was already a chart-topping shooter system.

I’ll leave the specs on the screen for you right now but what you really need to focus on is that the main 50-megapixel camera is ultra vision camera sensor it’s absolutely enormous up one over one point to 8 inches even eclipsing the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra sensor.

What this leads to is some truly awesome photos in every single area the Huawei P40 Pro improves on its predecessor the dynamic range, and detail the depth of field the color accuracy everywhere has been improved on over last year’s model. Huawei P40 Pro Review.

The large sensor allows for naturally shallower depth of field meaning that you no longer need portrait mode to achieve play subject isolation but if you do switch to portrait mode you’ll be getting some equally brilliant results Best Camera Smartphone.

While we allow you to change the type of bouquet that it simulates to a variety of shapes including this one that replicates a famous vintage lens called the helios 44, and it works so well that after showing some of my camera nerd friends they genuinely thought I had gone, and bought that lens and shot this image with my mirrorless camera in Huawei P40 Pro. Huawei P40 Pro Review

This also goes for the 13-megapixel front-facing camera which already takes some great photos there’s a decent amount of dynamic range it handles skin tones well the images are clear and detailed, and selfie portrait mode continues to improve.

It’s not the best of the bunch by any means and I would still call the Pixel for the selfie King but on a whole, it’s not bad for a selfie camera switching back to the 40-megapixel ultra-wide cine camera which has been brought over from the Mate 30 Pro results has to be expected are also superb there’s heaps of clarity great low-light performance and vibrant colors. Huawei P40 Pro Review

This is the best ultra-wide in any smartphone in my opinion even if it isn’t quite as wide as the competition or in last year’s device we still get the 5 times optical periscope zoom lens from the P30 approach but this time there’s an only 12 megapixel are you sensor behind the glass with captures more detail than before the P40 5G still Wow’s me. Huawei P40 Pro Review

Even though I had already experienced this level of zoom with its predecessor the refinement of the sensor has made for a much more cohesive shooting experience whether you’re shooting with the ultra-wide the wide or the telephoto lens the quality more or less stays the same.

While this video has always felt well a bit lackluster despite the great 40-megapixel ultra-wide cine sensor the Ultra HD 60fps video here tends to be a little bit washed out, and lacking character don’t get me wrong there’s still plenty of detail and generally quite quick autofocus. Huawei P40 Pro Review

But it’s just not up there with the more contrast heavy Samsung or Apple video also it kind of tends to lean to water warmer tones in video shooting and I’ll now bring this up every time a review of our weighing but the camera app is just the best, in my opinion, there’s a brilliant balance between having all the settings you’d ever want and ease of using the only downsides for me are that some words are hidden in the carousel when swiping from one side to the other. Huawei P40 Pro Review

So you kind of miss out Huawei P40 Pro 5G you have to scroll across to get to the one you want and the non-pixel Bend high-resolution mode is now in the menu to the far right instead of being in the carousel itself which is a bit of a pain the battery hasn’t been improved on a hardware level.

But it’s still 4,200 mAh powers which boss isn’t massive like the best in the whole industry it’s still pretty big and it’s still going to last you a long time what’s more impressive is the 27-watt wireless charging and Wireless reverse charging, and its also have 40-watt faster changer, unfortunately, I didn’t get to test out the wireless charging but the rest of the battery experience was great. Huawei P40 Pro Review

I got two days easily out of the device, and one day I tried to kill it so I set the display on max brightness max refresh rate, and Max resolution, and then in-between work I play a combination of PUBGG mobile CSR racing too and Real Racing 3 and the results shocked me the Huawei P40 Pro managed over seven hours of screen on time, and this isn’t like seven hours of browsing Reddit on medium brightness this was everything turned up to the max and playing heavy 3D titles I’m convinced that you can get 10 to 12 hours of screen on time.

I do things like browsing social media and turning the brightness down a little bit instead of leaving everything on the maximum setting as for me though I sit at my desk pretty much every day. Huawei P40 Pro Review

And I use a computer all the time so I should easily be able to get three to four days of use out of it with my standard workload more refinements have been made to the internal hardware namely the Kirin 990 5G processor that has replaced the Kirin 980, and the new 8 gigabytes of RAM configuration that is now standard along with 256 gigabytes of storage.

This combines with EMUI 10.1 enables some super snappy performance in and around their OS browsing social media and multitasking between different applications it’s not like the previous model with slow or anything but this having the new hardware is naturally going to go on for longer without slowing down, and I’m sure that an OLED display helps the phone feel a little bit snappier where I did experience a few hiccups was in Fortnite at PUBG mobile. Huawei P40 Pro Review

There were a few frame drops on the odd occasion but it was pretty rare if anything this kind of signifies the difference in GPU horsepower between the Kirin chips and there Snapdragon counterparts the Snapdragon chips just tend to do better in gaming m ey has always kind of been a love or hate software skin and, I tend to fall into the former camp I really like the way my eyes laid out its excellent system. Huawei P40 Pro Review

While dark mode its efficient use of space in the punch hole cover-up feature, and of course the aforementioned camera app however as I’m sure most of you are aware by now there’s one big catch Google Play services are currently missing from the Huawei P40 Pro Review, and for the time being, it doesn’t look like they’re coming back.

You just sideload all of your applications and maybe port Google Mobile Service (GMS) on there in the future well yes and no first off it’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea to have to sideload outside of the OS GMS.

If that becomes available because right now it’s not and secondly you can’t sideload every single app while we have their phone clone application which does an okay job of transferring some apps but it didn’t transfer everything useful to me it was just a couple of games then sideloading apps. Huawei P40 Pro Review

Well if that can be dodgy and you never guaranteed software updates and that’s annoying because this phone takes so many boxes for a phone in the roundabout thousand dollar market it’s an improvement on the Huawei P30 Pro in every single way.

Yeah I cannot recommend this phone to anyone outside of China at this present moment we just rely on Google services too much for it to make any sense for the same money than you’d pay for a GMS acquit Galaxy S20 Plus, and if you want a great Huawei device to skip this, and just by last year’s P30 Pro 4 it’s still great design awesome camera superb battery life and crucially its Google services, and you can pick it up used for under half of what Huawei is charging for the P40 bro right now so what do you think of the P40 Pro is it dead on arrival for you.

Ah you concerned about security problems or is it something that you can live up the Google services and it’s something you’re going to go and pick up, and this is my full review of Huawei P40 Pro Review the full written review.


Huawei P40 Pro Review

Key Specs Huawei P40 Pro
Display 6.58-inch
Resolution 1080×2340 Pixels
Processor Kirin 990 5G
Rear Camera 50+12+40+TOF 3D Megapixels
Front Camera 32+IR TOF 3D Megapixel
Storage 128GB/256GB/512GB
Battery Capacity 4200mAh
Operating System EMUI 10.1, Android 10



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