Google Shopping New Redesigned Interface & More Details

Google Shopping brings you the latest design and now it lets you see nearby local stores products and stocks.

Google Shopping New Redesigned Interface & More Details
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Google shopping platform brings you some new upgrades and features include customer care supports. Revamped Google shopping platform now offers more useful features and many more like price track of local shop and stock list, and option to buy directly from Google.

This new design brings customize colorful user-experience, easily navigate with categories and more products to discovery as well.

Google says when a user buys products directly from shopping, the company will invest some money on clean energy projects that will reduce carbon emissions created from shipping user’s orders.

The new design also brings a price tracking feature and that gives you alerts when the price has been dropped. Users can search for the product that you need, and toggle the tracking price button to keep tracking your product.

When the price will drop, users will receive a notification on the phone. Google says they are working on E-mail notification and this option will in the upcoming updates.

That notification will help to sales are nearby during the festival or holidays, you’ll get some exciting offers and products you wish for.

As we already talked about redesign Google Shopping also provides you to see the product in nearby local stores and stock availability. Google introduced a nearby filter to let you know local store stocks. This new feature will save a lot of your time.

Google also introduced the ability to not only search for the products but also buy them directly from the shopping. Your account information and shipping details will be pulled up from Google and make your checkout list easy and secured.

New custom service supports for making it way easy to return the damaged products or goods and will get a refund for it. Buying from Google that means you can buy anything from any stores with confidently and discover more new things when your return.

Find you’re items that you cany buy directly on Google Shopping, look on the new colorful shopping cart icon on the product image and in the search filter, blog post mentioned by the company.

This newly redesigned Google Shopping is currently available on US mobiles and desktops. Soon the company will roll out its updates in other regions.

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