Google Pixel 4 XL Full Review

Hi everyone Rohit is here from MyDailyTechNewsNow and I’ve been using the Pixel 4 XL over the past few days as my main phone and I have some good things to say about it and some bad things to say about it and maybe a few in between now let’s start with the good the first good thing.

Google Pixel 4 XL Review

Build quality google has made some pretty solid phones over the past few years and this is no exception it a little bit different and then its glass front and back but it got a coating on the back so it’s kind of rubbery and then the sides are aluminum but they have sort of a rubbery feel to
them as well and it feels very solid in the hand.

But it also gives it a little bit of grip because of its got those coatings on it now, of course, you could use a case with it and that will just add to the grip depending on the case you get but it just feels like a solid well bit built phone overall now the next good thing.

Google Pixel 4 XL Full Review
Image source: Google

Display and the display on this has eight an OLED display with a ninety Hertz refresh rate and that 90 Hertz refresh rate really makes the whole experience super smooth when you’re scrolling through everything from the app, the drawer may be going through some news on an app or maybe you’re just in another application.

And you’re using it to scroll through any feeds you have Twitter or whatever or you’re just using it, in general, it’s a great experience it has good viewing angles and some people have commented about the brightness and I live in the south of India and I’ve had no issues it’s still fairly bright here and seems fine in sunlight so maybe if you’re in super bright areas closer to the equator.

I suppose maybe it will not be bright enough in sunlight but for me overall it’s pretty good I wouldn’t say its as bright as an iPhone 11 Pro max or even some of the note lines or galaxy lines but in general, it’s a great display it looks great the colors are great and I’m pretty happy with it overall now as much as I do like this display.

Keep in mind it is an OLED and it’s using PWM or pulse width modulation to control brightness now according to display mate that rate is high enough that it probably won’t bother most people although I couldn’t find a definitive figure that said how fast the PWM rate is, however, it hasn’t bothered my eyes at all since using it for the past few days so that in combination with the higher refresh rate seems to be less bothersome to my eyes and previous pixels bothering my eyes either so just keep that in mind though.

Google Pixel 4 XL Review

If you’re sensitive to that you may want to consider that if you were thinking of purchasing this phone now one thing Google Pixel 4 is known for is their cameras on the pixel line and this is no exception these are great cameras now they did decide to go with two different cameras this year and they have a wide-angle and a telephoto with the super resume they’ve improved on night mode or night shot and/or night sight and overall the cameras are really good now.

I’ve taken some photos both in day and night I’ve also used the astrophotographer mode where it allows you to expose the Pixel night sight camera up to four minutes just gathering light and that’s a pretty interesting experience it works indoor or outdoor.

And I’ve got some great photos with it so let me show you that and well show you some video as well because that’s kind of an area where they’re lacking you’ve got 4k thirty videos but you don’t have 4k 60 and they do have some stabilization and things but Ill let you be the judge of that so let’s go ahead and take a look at the photos and video now.

I’m recording with the rear-facing the camera on the Pixel 4 XL and the footage is pretty good from what I’ve seen before its video stabilized and we can zoom as well so if I turn here we can zoom in up to 6X so it’s using that other optical zoom lens to give us that zoom in up to 6X if I zoom back out you’ll see its actually pretty good so we don’t have some of the options from say an iPhone or an s10 plus or some of the other high-end flagships as far as 4k 60.

Google Pixel 4 XL Review

But the footage does look better than I thought it would now let’s take a look at the forward-facing video I’m recording with the forward-facing camera and this doesn’t go as wide as last year with the Pixel 3 XL you could kind of pinch and zoom out now you just can’t do that so the camera is ok but it’s not as good as say what you had on the previous generation as far as the angles you get you’ve only got one camera and some other phones record in 4k 60 on the forward-facing camera as well now the next good thing is the speed using the phone is great except for when I was restoring a backup it lagged a little a bit but that’s normal.

When you’re installing a hundred apps or so and then getting everything in place with your passwords and signing in and everything after that the experience has been pretty seamless and flawless I’ve had no slowdowns whatsoever that 90 Hertz refresh rate like I mentioned before probably has something to do with that it just seems like a smooth experience overall launching apps as quick closing them switching between them I think is a great experience.

And I have no complaints as far as that goes now given that this is a phone reception is pretty important and I did place a couple of phone calls with it one time I did have an issue the phone call dropped now I don’t know if that was on my end or the other end I thought it was another person they thought it was me it’s hard to say but after that.

I called them back and had no issues the call reception was clear they sounded good and I can’t say there’s a problem as far as that goes and data speeds were fine when I was using LTE I had no drops switching between cellular and Wi-Fi was pretty seamless better than on an iPhone for example so I’ve continually had issues on iPhones and no choice with this so I think that probably due to the Qualcomm modem inside its a much better modem in general.

Now along with the reception, of course, you need good speakers and I’m happy to report the speakers surprised me I was watching a YouTube video and the speaker sounded nice and clear and they go very loud so whether you’re watching a movie or watching just a short YouTube video or listening to music I think you’ll be pretty happy with that of course if you want better sound get something like a Google home or maybe even a better speaker from another company.

So but for a smartphone speaker I was pretty impressed especially when watching the video now this year we get the pixel neural core this is the processor right on the device that processes a lot of what Google the assistant does already so I can squeeze the phone how is the weather today and it doesn’t necessarily need a data connection to process the voice instead.

It can just get the information quickly you can also order food or maybe call for a cab or an uber and also you can process a voice right on the device in real-time with airplane mode out so maybe you go into the new recorder app hit record and it will Tran and then transcribe my voice in real-time no matter how fast I speak so if I speed up my voice and then I slow it right down it still keeps up no matter how fast I speak and it’s doing a great job.

Now we can go back in and hit save then we can go back and search for what I was looking for I can say speed up the search for that and it will find it in any recording that I saved so here’s where I said the word speed up and we can hear that when we playback so it works incredibly well.

And I think that a major positive for the Pixel 4 and 4 XL as far as that goes now we’re going to move into an in-between category both good and bad depending on your opinion these are more subjective and that first thing is to design this the design you either love it or you don’t like it at all.

Google Pixel 4 XL Review

And I’ve seen that over and over in my unboxing comments and then before its release a lot of people are very opinionated about this phone I think it looks fine the camera bump does look a little bit goofy but I’m not looking at the back of the phone all day and I’m not making excuses either.

I’ve just gotten used to it with the new iPhones as well and it’s just something that if you want dual cameras you may not like the arrangement but that’s what they’ve chosen to do so I like the colors the overall design and then other people are concerned about the forehead and the chin of the phone after about 30 seconds of using it that just goes away

And I don’t care about that I don’t mind the notch but if things like that bother you the Infinity Oh on the Samsung displays it’s going to bother you if those things don’t matter to you then the display looks fine it just depends on what your view is on that now the next in-between thing is the soli radar and that goes along with the face unlock the radar allows for quick face unlocking because it knows when your hand is approaching the phone and then you can unlock the phone quickly.

You can silence alarms or you can play around with Pokemon and a little app all of these things are nice I think there’s some future uses that we haven’t seen yet maybe turning up the volume I have used it in my car when driving to swipe between songs, so you just wave your hand goes to the next song instead of looking at anything or speaking to the Google assistant

So those things I think are beneficial but it’s hard to say if it’s going to be great and again that leads me to the next thing which is the face unlock face unlock works incredibly well its the fastest face unlock I’ve seen and some people are not going to like it just because you don’t have a fingerprint sensor, however when you’re unlocking the phone unlocking passwords to go into different applications I think it’s a great experience.

The bad thing is you can unlock it with your eyes closed so let me show you it’s locked right now I’ll close my eyes and it just vibrated to let me know it’s unlocked so it works quickly but it works with your eyes closed and Google has said they’re going to patch this in the coming months.

When that is specifically we don’t know so we’ll have to wait and see when they patch it but that’s going to be a major negative at first for some people I don’t think its a big issue for me personally because no ones using my phone its for me to use and no one else my kids don’t touch it they’re not allowed to touch it so I don’t have an issue with that.

Whatsoever now let’s move into the actual things that I think are not so great about this phone and the first one is the price this is the price as a flag phone $1,000 with 128 gigs now for $1,000 if you compare that to what you can get from say OnePlus with the OnePlus 7 Pro you get a lot for less money or you could get an S10 Plus which is oftentimes on discount and things like that.

You get a lot for your money with those phones this you don’t get the latest processor you only get 6 gigabytes of RAM and only 128 gigabytes of non-expandable storage so all of those things factored in unless you are looking for the latest and greatest from Google specifically this is a hard sell I think for a lot of people the Google software is excellent on it.

But other than that you’re not getting anything specific for that money other than the camera and the software it’s a hard sell when you compare it to those other phones and what else is out there and then the final negative thing is the battery is a decent size in the Pixel 4 XL.

But I was only able to get about four and a half to five hours of the screen on time throughout the entire day now that will last me a whole day about five hours of screen on time and it seemed okay I would take it off the charger early in the morning put it back on at about midnight or 1:00 in the morning and that would last me fine.

But Id has about 10 to 20 percent left but four and a half to five and a half five hours of screen on time is not enough for a lot of people so compared to what you get again from Samsung from Apple now from Huawei or other companies that have huge batteries than them.

This is a little bit lacking in that area and those are what I have to say that good and bad about the phone there isn’t much else to say I think overall its a great experience if this was priced closer to something like the Pixel 3A & XL.

Maybe bumps that up a couple of hundred dollars this would be an incredible value but because it’s priced at $1000 it’s just going to be a hard sell for some people I do think it’s great to use if you could get it at a discount I think you’d be very happy with it. Pixel 3a sale.

But that battery life, especially in the smaller variant of this, maybe a big issue for some people but let me know what you think in the comments below which colors your the favorite will you be picking up a 4 or 4 XL or are you going to stick with a 3 or 3 XL or maybe a different brand let me know in the comments.

Google Pixel 4 XL Specifications

Display: 6.30-inch
Resolution: 1440×3040 pixels
Front Camera: 8 Megapixel
Rear Camera: 16+12.2 Megapixel
Processor: Snapdragon 855
Ram: 6GB
Storage: 64GB
Battery capacity: 3,700mAh
OS: Android 10

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