Call of Duty Mobile Release Date

Call of Duty Mobile officially release date October 1. Till now COD Mobile was available on beta testing earlier months and now it been finally coming out.

Call of Duty Mobile Release Date
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PUBG Mobile one of the world’s most downloaded and dominating battle royal games on mobile. Activision an American game publisher announced this year that they will be launching Call of Duty Mobile version.

Game Developers conference 2019, Activision announced the launching of Call of Duty Mobile. Activision COD Mobile will challenge to take on PUBG Mobile battle royal crown.

According to reports, this game will come on Indian servers in November. Mean-while COD Mobile beta version is already live for testing before. Earlier this month COD Mobile went live closed beta in certain selected countries.

This game will be available for download via Play Store and App Store.

The company has officially announced that the beta program is closed now. That means Call of Duty Mobile finally coming live soon. It’s already available on the Play Store for pre-register this game.

Game developer say’s “Thank you for playing and providing your invaluable feedback”. Developer taking feedback from the player and improving the game, for a better user-friendly experience.

Comparison between Call of Duty Mobile Vs PUBG Mobile.

The developer is about to launch its final version of the game they finally ready to release the game for everybody. Activision COD series has loyalist members and they know the quality of this game gonna be high as we’re expected.

Call of Duty Mobile is an FPS based game and it will free to play for everybody. Players can customize their characters like gears and clothing according to them.

Activision takes a lot of timing and carefully considers every point before launching the game to fight with the PUBG Mobile which has already taken a lot of attention. Players will get options like ranking mode, reward and crates opening, etc.

Release date officially confirmed by the “COD Mobile” website, it’ll be launching on 1st October, on the Google Play Store and App Store. Pre-registration is already started you can register and first to play this game on your smartphone.

Call of Duty Mobile has the best realistic gaming experience and PUBG Mobile has too.

General FAQ

What is Call of Duty Mobile?
Call of Duty Mobile is free to play an FPs game that will bring weapons, maps, and characters across from Call of Duty series first-person action experience on the mobile.

When can I download the game?
Call of Duty Mobile is already on Google Play Store for pre-registration. It’ll official launching 1st October.

Which platforms are supported to download?
It’ll be officially available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

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