Google App Now Receiving Dark Mode Feature, Rollout to Complete This Week

Google App Now Receiving Dark Mode Feature, Rollout to Complete This Week

Google has started rolling out dark mode for its Android and iOS users starting Tuesday. The new feature was a long time due as Google has already released dark mode for several of its other services such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Calendar. The new feature will give the app a greyish look and is also expected to save battery while using the app. The new feature will be rolled out to all users by the end of the week.

Google made the announcement in a tweet saying that the new feature will be available for the Google app on Android 10 and iOS 12/ 13. The users will be able to choose from Light and Dark modes as per their preference but by default, it will be in sync with your phone’s system settings. Once the latest update reaches your device, you can open the Google app and go to Settings and choose the theme.

While the new update has been released now, dark mode on the stable app had been available for many users since at least October, reported 9to5Google. It said that those who receive the update may notice a pop-up when they open the app mentioning the availability of the dark theme.

Dark mode on the phone and PC has been ongoing for many apps throughout 2019 and is continuing in 2020 as well. There are still some Google apps like Google Maps that are yet to see the feature coming. While the dark mode is loved by many, especially those who use their devices during the night, there are others who prefer a bright and colorful interface.



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