OnePlus 7T Vs OnePlus 7T Pro Full Review

oneplus 7t vs oneplus 7t pro

Hey, guys, Rohit is here, and I’ve been testing the new oneplus 7t vs oneplus 7t pro review but I wanted to combine my reviews of both of these phones into one Article.

OnePlus 7T Vs OnePlus 7T Pro Review

Because if I’m being honest I think the 7T Pro is just a little bit underwhelming I’ll explain why in a second but not only that this also won’t be coming out in the US.

Just UK Europe and Asia whereas the standard 7T will be available pretty much everywhere including the US which is kind of strange actually yeah it’s the complete reversal of a situation with the 7 Series where the pro came out everywhere but the US didn’t get the standard 7.

Now up still the way around ok so let’s start with what’s new and you’ve probably already seen a whole bunch of 7T videos maybe even my unboxing which had a special guest what do you think are you excited for the OnePlus 7T but to recap the standard 7T is a huge upgrade over the 7 with a new taller design a smaller notch. oneplus 7t vs oneplus 7t pro

And around camera module on the back we also now get this super smooth 90 house refresh rate which before was only on the pro model as well as a bigger 6.5 inch AMOLED screen now with HDR 10 plus stereo speakers you refer to storage the latest and Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+.

A bump up in ram to 8 gigabytes up from 6 before a new triple camera set up with a wide ultra-wide and telephoto lens that’s up from just a wide and depth sensor before plus an improved night mode and a brand new macro mode.

The optical fingerprint reader is a little bit quicker and there’s a slightly bigger battery along with faster charging in now supports warp charged 30 T and of course new software with Android 10 and Oxygen OS 10 on top and breathe that is a lot but the point is the 17 is a huge upgrade over the 7.

Which to be fair he did deserve and need because the 7 was kind of overshadowed by the awesome 7 Pro when it launched earlier this year so it is good to see that OnePlus have put a lot of effort into the new 17 but now we come to the 7T Pro when I was really looking forward to this I mean until I switched to the note m plus I used the 7 Pro from most of this year.

But it just seems that there isn’t an awful lot new here they’ve put 90% of their attention into the 17 there are some upgrades we now get the noose navigating Snapdragon 855 plus along with 8 gigs of ram and 256 storage we get that faster finger.

The new macro and improved low-light camera modes and ever so slightly bigger battery we’ve gone from 4000 to 4,085 mAh warp charge 30 T and this new lighter haze blue color so new processor camera modes slightly faster charging and the new software Oxygen OS and Android 10 that’s about it.

Don’t get me wrong though I mean the 7T Pro is still an incredible phone and I would say probably my top 3 of this year so far so I can’t really expect that much to change in just a few months on what isn’t an already incredible phone but I guess it’s just kind of seeing the huge upgrade we’ve seen from the 7 to the 7T that’s maybe spoiled me a little bit or maybe just give me higher expectations for the jump to the new 7T Pro.

But still, it is a better phone but the reason I’m talking about this so much is if you do have the choice between the 7T and the 7T Pro which one should you go for well the pro is a little bigger you get a more premium feeling curved edge to the screen whereas the 7T has flat edges.

Although I know some of you guys do prefer that you also get that motorized to pop up selfie camera with the pro-growth other than a notch so we do have that true edge to edge display it also comes with 256 gigs of storage double that over 7T although.

OnePlus 7T Vs OnePlus 7T Pro Review

We do get the same RAM and the same processor the pro does also have a sharper Quad HD plus resolution versus Full HD+ and a bigger battery although in my tests it lasted just as long as the 7T it seems the bigger battery is offset by that high resolution.

So the pro gets a curved edge pop up camera double the storage and high resolution but in favor of the 7T, I do like the new design with its narrower 20:9 aspect ratio and the more interesting camera bump on the back although I’m a bit worried in my get scratched over time.

And of course, it is also going to be cheaper but I’ll come back to that in a second but regardless of which one you actually go for these are both incredible phones and incredible value for money for me it’s the ninety hurt screened the high-end specs and the software that really sells it after the Google pixel.

This is as close you’ll get to stock Android on a flagship phone and paired with that 90 Hertz refresh it’s so fast and slick to use Oxygen OS 10 also adds a new customization menu which lets you tweak the wallpapers dark mode icons fonts and all in one really handy place I also love the gestures.

Now to go back you just swipe in from the edge of the screen on the other side rather than the bottom corners which is actually a lot more comfortable and it’s easy to do however you’re holding it I’m also a big fan of the alert slider which makes it really easy to switch it to silent mode.

I would definitely recommend a case though as well the 7T is a little easier to hold because of its shape they’re both really slippery as for colors the 7T comes in glacier blue and frosted silver whereas the pro-only comes in this haze blue there’s still no official IP rating on either of them but in my experience, they are still water-resistant to some extent.

I just wouldn’t go swimming with them so while it doesn’t feel noticeably faster than before it’s still absolutely one of the quickest most responsive and nicest phones to use it’s great for gaming as well especially with that an 855 Plus which offers a 50% graphics boost over the 855.

And while most games are still limited to 60 Hertz including Call of Duty mobile some games can take full advantage of that smooth and 90s refresh now one thing that hasn’t changed is battery life I’m getting pretty much the same as I did on the 7 Pro which is still pretty good.

But I didn’t ever normal day I get about 35% of my battery left and it is the same on both phones and also we do now get that faster-warped charge 30t which makes charging much faster at the earliest stages so if you only have a few minutes to top-up before you have to rush out then you’ll get a little bit more juice it still takes about 20 minutes to get to 50% battery though.

Unfortunately, there is still no wireless charging which is a little bit disappointing now let’s talk about the cameras because even though they look kind of difference they are pretty much the same triple-lens camera setup and very similar to the previous 7 Pro.

The Pro gets an 8 megapixel F 2.4 lens with a three-time zoom well technically 2.8 7 times but they’ve run it up to 3 versus a 12 megapixel F 2.2 lens with a 2-time zoom on the regular 7T I’m not quite sure why they’ve done that but it’s a fairly minor difference so overall image quality is pretty much the same between the 7T and 7T Pro.

OnePlus 7T Vs OnePlus 7T Pro Review

But what about compared to the previous 7 Pro is there much of an ongoing here well side by side the answer is no real OnePlus did make some big improvements to the 7 Pros camera since launching their updates but right now from what I can see in these photos that don’t seem to be much of an upgrade for the T-series.

It is still a very capable camera though and can take great photos but it still can’t quite match other flagships like the Note 10 plus here which is a little brighter with a more even exposure it’s a little bit sharper and as you can see in the clouds it handles a dynamic range of fair bit better remember though.

OnePlus 7T Pro camera comparison

That the Note 10 plus is about twice the price of the 71 new feature though is the nightscape now works with the ultra-wide lens which is pretty cool and can help you take more creative low-light shots nightscape really does make a difference for low-light shots I can’t wait to test this against the upcoming pixel for night mode.

We also get a new super macro mode and while I can’t say that I would use it that often you can get some stunning shots with it as for video it can shoe up to 4k 60fps but again the quality is similar to before although OnePlus have added a new H is stabilization system which combines OIS and EIS is on the main lens.

And then there’s a good job of smoothing everything out front-facing video is pretty much similar for still limited to 1080p 30fps which is okay but when you have things like the basic iPhone 11 and you know the S10 or offering or Key selfie video now then this is going to look a little bit old also the field of view isn’t that wide but it’s okay.

One thing though that I do want to mention that to the I almost got wrong is ultra-wide video so let me just switch this round, okay so I’m shooting this with the rear camera at 4k and you can see the little one x icon but if I tap it just takes us to two times that doesn’t seem to be an ultra-wide option.

Which I was getting a bit confused about because OnePlus is making a big deal of the fact that you can now shoot with the ultra-wide lens in the video but actually it’s because I’m shooting in 4k so changing the resolution to 1080p I now get the ultra-wide option which as you can see zooms out to noir point six times and get a lot more on the frame.

And then I can jump through all the different lenses in the video so while that is cool it is a bit disappointing that this is limited to 4k when some of the other flagship competition can do this already at 4k upfront we have a 16-megapixel f/2 selfie camera again nothing really new but it’s still one of my favorite selfie cameras it’s sharp and looks natural and you can easily turn off all the beauty modes.

If you prefer so the 7T will cost you five hundred and fifty whereas the 7T pro is a hundred and fifty more at seven hundred pounds and I still have a little bit more than they expected yes you do get higher base storage than before with 256 gigs that’s why it’s a little bit more expensive than this 7 pro but a hundred and fifty price difference between the 7T and 7T pro I don’t know if a curved screen high resolution and the slightly bigger battery is worth paying that much extra.

So for my money I reckon I’d go with the 17 and honestly it’ll be what I’m recommending to all my friends the only area continues to not quite compete with the best of the best out there is in the camera department but there’s not really that much in it anymore and OnePlus do keep improving it through regular updates.

There is one more thing though OnePlus is also launching an OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren edition and if you want bragging rights for having the most powerful OnePlus then you’ll want this as it comes with 12 gigabytes of RAM up from the regular 7T pros 8 gigs but really it’s about that McLaren branding unique design on the back and their signature papaya orange accents around the phone’s edges on the alert slider and even the charging cable,  Compare Oneplus 7T and 7T pro.

I think it does look good and it definitely stands out although expect to pay a bit of a premium over the regular 7T pro if you want one but what do you reckon which one would you go for between these two and also let me know what you’d like to see in the OnePlus 8 and the next version of the phone that you think is maybe missing here let me know in the comments below thank you so much for reading this OnePlus 7T Vs OnePlus 7T Pro Review.

Thanks for Reading. Cheers.


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