Apple releases iOS 12.4.1 update to fix security flaw

Apple has released iOS 12.4.1 update, which fix some serious security flaw that left iPhone as open to jailbreaking.
Apple releases iOS 12.4.1 update to fix security flaw
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This flaw was introduced with the previous IOS 12.4 update and the same issue that already been fixed in the iOS 12.3 update. This Apple latest software update is available for iPhone 5s and above, Ipad Air and some later and Ipad Touch 6th gen.

Apple iPhone users can update through, go to Setting> General> Software update and check for the new update. the iOS 12.4.1 update will be nearly around 103MB size and the description will say about it provides important security and stability updates.

Apple users must update

On the security details for the update, Apple says that it fixes the issue where a malicious app may be able to execute arbitrary code with the system privileges. Apple is creating security vulnerability numbers CVE-2019-8605 to Ned Williamson, who is working with the Google Project Zero team. Apple page also notes that the team would like to acknowledge Pwn20wnd for their assistance.

Pwn20wnd is a security researcher company, who highlights the jailbreak issue first. They had posted a public jailbreak for iOS 14.4 on the Github and that was reported by Motherboard, that the users were able to jailbreak on their iPhones with it. While iOS 12.4 made a jailbreaking iPhone possible once again it also meant iPhone vulnerable to hacking.

The researchers had warned that the unscrupulous developer could exploit the vulnerability to release apps, which could steal the user’s data. Given some seriousness on the iOS devices immediately.

Apple also had released tvOS 12.4.1, watchOS 5.3.1, and macOS Mojave 10.14.6. this update is focused on the bugs fixing. On the macOS Mojave, this update also fixes major security flaw for which Apple has already credited for Ned Williamson again and thanked Pwn20wnd.

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